I enjoy figuring out ways to ease the pains of being a newbie.

Both working with the team at Insider Guides and operating as a freelancer I've spent plenty of time working with others on some engaging projects. Clients have included ANZ Bank, Allianz Insurance, Concrete Playground, The San Francisco Music Alliance, Public Transport Victoria, Renew Adelaide, The Victorian Electoral Commission and several major universities, city councils and tourism commissions around Australia.

Off The Grid

A set of trails produced in conjunction with the Adelaide City Council. The guides showcase a range of different personalities from the area. Additional features include a companion podcast and other engaging audio material. 

All maps are also available for access on google maps.

Here is an episode of our three part series - Feat. Radio Adelaide's Peter Marks, Comedians Josh Warrior, Micky D and local history buff and walking tour guide Bob Brady. 

My Melbourne Story

An interactive choose your own adventure'esque digital experience. Each student that engages with the site will come out with a personalised video and information kit on their new home.

See, the full site here

Cost of living Calculator

Living expenses can be a tough thing to calculate when you are planning to move abroad. The team and myself conceptualised a product with ANZ bank that would eliminate these problems from word go. Using a collection of spending data, an understanding of young adventurers we produced an engaging site that predicts costs then compares them to different cities around Australia.

Design collaboration with Frame Creative and Illustration Chris Martin.

Custom Guides

I've been responsible for a range of media forms in both print and digital tailored to specific communities.

Sam Trezise Concrete Playground
CP_Anno_1_Sam Trezise.gif

Work with Concrete Playground in late 2017 to help convert their digital summer guide into a print companion.

The UNSW guide and accompanying website was a recent example of a site that configured well accross multiple formats.