I particularly like guides - I liked when someone I had met at a bar would scribble five places down for me on a napkin to check out the next day. Connecting people with places and cataloguing it on paper seemed like a comforting thought.

I spent years making guide books for people that were new to cities for this reason. I always felt I wanted that little piece of what I loved to be handed on to someone who needed it, help them find where they fitted in this new and confusing place. 

Sam Trezise Making Maps

Maps, guides and trails

My aim is always to understand what truly makes something amazing and hand this insight onto others in a way that makes them want to experience what I did. My chosen medium is maps, guides, and trails -- fastening interactive elements to my projects that make the reader feel completely connected to the process and their surroundings.


My work and collaborating

With a background in layout, content, photography and cartography I'll give most things a red hot go on my own -- providing stellar results without the agency rates.

Let's be honest, if I can't do it or the projects bigger than my one-man-show -- I'm quite the fan of collaboration and teamwork

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Types of media

I often focus on producing print material that links to existing modern web-based tech. An example might be a print guide that links through to a mirrored google maps version.

I've also recently been dabbling in recording audio tours. I Enjoy seeing how these mediums can be used together with print.

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